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"If you need a great pool service, Redlands Pool Service is a great choice and they have been in business since 1974. They are a full service company which includes weekly cleaning. They also can take care of any repairs, tile washing, acid washes, equipment replacement, and grout replacement. Check out their web site for all their services available."

- Kristin Hamilton



From Kristin Hamilton, Redlands, CA: "Matt has been my pool cleaner since I bought my house in 2004. My husband said he would take care of it and about 1 month later, the pool was full of green algae and the pool sweeper had stopped working. I called Redlands Pool Service and told them it was an emergency and they were there that same day to start the cleaning process. Matt came every day and cleaned the filter for over a week until my pool was sparkling blue again. 

He charged me a reasonable price and I hired him right then on the spot. He has come every week since. Don’t wait like I did! I've recommended Redlands Pool Service to many of my friends and clients as well. Oh by the way, they go everywhere not just Redlands so if you are in need of a great pool company, be sure to call the best… Redlands Pool Service."



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